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Baby Biography offers a high quality, personalised  book beautifully  illustrated by Emma Hollingsworth. Totally unique to you and your baby, each page is individually designed and created for you from the precious moments you have entered within the app. These moments include;


About Mummy
About Daddy
Mum & Dad’s Story
Family Tree
Thoughts & Feelings
Waiting for Baby
The Baby Shower


Birth Details
Thoughts & Feelings
What’s Happening in the World

Early Years

Coming Home
Up & About
Favourite Things
& many more…

All moments within the app are optional but are in there to guide you into creating the perfect baby book. The option to enter as many of your own moments is also there, and we will ensure all of these are also shown in the book.

We offer two sizes of book, an average book consists of 38 pages which would show all of the above moments plus a few pages of your own personal baby moments. Sometimes it may not be possible to fit all of your information into this amount of pages without sacrificing the look and design of the book. We will always try our best to do so, but occasionally if this is not possible we will contact you and give you three options 1) pay for additional pages to make the most of your precious moments; 2) create a collage page so that moments are still in there; 3) remove some moments if you wish to keep the cost the same.

Making Memories Last A Lifetime

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