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We are a small family business, based in the North East of England. Our main goal is to help other families capture and keep, cherished memories of their babies first years.

Until becoming parent’s ourselves, we had no idea how busy life would become once baby arrived. The idea of logging every milestone, capturing every memory and coping with everyday life in theory sounded kind of fun and exciting, but put together with learning to look after a new baby and surviving on very little sleep soon proved that we probably weren’t the only ones that wanted to enjoy the moments (rather than spend time documenting them).

In September 2012, the thought of creating something to help new parents became clear, and in the May of 2013 the name Baby Biography was official.

Since then lots of planning and preparation took place; finding the best people to help create and start the Baby Biography journey with. Carefully mapping out each part of the app, to ensure that new parents could use it easily with one hand most of the time as baby would be in the other. Even allowing for those little arms and legs flying up and hitting the screen, meant careful consideration had to be taken to ensure new parents didn’t lose special moments they had stored (reason for not being able to delete a full baby book within the app). We wanted to give not only a milestone app, but something useful to help people capture those moments with baby, and not miss out on them by spending too much time documenting the whole thing. Therefore, the app allows moments to be captured quickly and easily, as well as reminding you to take that picture once a month (as we know babies change so much in that first year – and you will thank us for it, when you see that you’ve managed to capture your little person growing). Useful interactive tooth charts were created to make logging that first tooth that bit easier…..and so many other great features.

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time getting it ‘right’ before our big launch at The Baby Show NEC Birmingham in May 2014. This was when Baby Biography was born…

With a two year old and a baby on the way the Baby Biography journey began, and continues to grow and develop.

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