There are so many things that go un-noticed in the world of people with no children, and until you actually become a parent yourself you will never really truly understand. Probably the most obvious one that goes without saying is from the moment your baby is born – the unconditional love you have for that little person who has come into your life. Here’s a few more we’re sure you can relate to;

  1. The true meaning of sleep deprivation this is by far still the one that defines us as parents, whether it’s a new baby waking for feeds or toddler who wants you to lay with them until their asleep – we’ve all been there at some point


  1. Idealistic values about bringing up your children these will most likely go out of the window, you will do what feels right and makes you and your baby happy (probably with a feeling of guilt at first)


  1. Leaving the house on time this is usually achieved by aiming to leave 30minutes before you actually need to. By the time you have packed supplies to cover every eventual possibility; everyone has been to the toilet, put coats and shoes on and actually got into the car


  1. Shopping is never a quick pop in for milk, with little ones in tow. Not to mention now understanding the need for Parent and Child Parking Spaces – and the anger that builds up inside when you see a car pull into the last parking spot and NO children get out!


  1. Mealtimes we’ve all been there taking time to plan and lovingly prepare and cook a meal, only to be told that what you have cooked they now don’t want – as that was over 30 minutes ago since they agreed to it!


  1. The never ending Wash Basket, and the frustration especially in the first few months of having a baby when you forget to take the washing out of the washer and end up having to wash it again after days of being totally oblivious that it’s still in there. Or if you manage to get it washed and dried, actually putting clean stuff away before it gets swept up in the next wash load


  1. Doing things alone – never again will you get to go to the toilet, have a shower or bath without spectators. Even sneaking that chocolate biscuit in the kitchen when there’s no one in sight, suddenly they appear as somehow they can hear the slight russle of the wrapper (yet shout their name, and ….. no, nothing)


  1. Having days that role into one of the same, and never quite seeing what you have accomplished that day (but in the back of your mind actually knowing – and feeling proud of the little person you have created and raised)


  1. The appreciation of other Mums going through the same. Ones that have given up their full time work to go part time, or given up professional / corporate careers to be a stay at home mum. Some of which create their own businesses and try to tackle that work / family life balance by working all hours and more often than not it’s usually when their children are in bed


  1. You discover new functions on your television, ones that you never knew existed and that can only seem to be trigger by little hands


  1. Things are never where you left them try looking in the fridge / bin / freezer /anywhere but the actual place where you left them


  1. And finally, how could we forget – the many uses for baby wipes thinking this may need it’s very own write up!

It really is a rollercoaster of emotions – your little one will not only give you a whole new perspective on these things but will also bring, laughter, hopes, dreams and fun just to name a few. One thing is for certain though, you will be so glad you took the ride

Parenting is not easy but the best decision you will ever make

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