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Our Phenomenal Photographer, Claire

unscripted-logo112_nostrapClaire, also know as Unscripted Photography, is a documentary and lifestyle photographer. Her photography is designed to transport you back in time. To capture soon-to-be memories for you and your future generations. From Sunday Lunch to the first day at school. The weekly food shop through to taking the dog for a walk. Anything that means something special to you can be captured. Not just in photos, but in film too.

She’ll be there to capture the quiet moments that you don’t always notice. The way your baby fumbles her fingers to get a grip on her favourite blanket. The way your one-year-old can’t quite make it from one side of the room to the other. It’s the way your teenage daughter dances around her room making the lights jingle above your head. 

One day your great-grand children can look back on your EveryDay.  And they’ll not only get to know what you looked like, but who you are.


The best place to go for local infoFamilies image

Endless ideas for families to do, make & see with children. There to help parents have more #familyfun with their kids! It’s a fast-growing community of websites owned by Emma’s Diary, that gives information on what’s on in the local area for families. It uses social media to give parents daily inspiration on what to do with the kids, from toddler groups to attend that morning, to live events and outdoor attractions for the weekend




Highly recommended for babies first swimming

Water Babies is a fun and exciting experience for both parent and baby. As waterbabies logowell as this, it also teaches vital life skills and enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills, too. With exceptionally high standards of professionalism, Waterbabies works hard to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe.


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