Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be able to purchase a Baby Biography Book?

This function is now available for both iOS and Android users to purchase a hard copy book from within the app. Simply select the book you wish to purchase, and hit the shopping trolley at the top of the screen next to the book name. You will then be guided to enter your payment and delivery details.

Work is also on-going so that you will be able to enter details directly into our website and purchase a book that way too

The latest Android update is asking me to Register or Log In, what do I do to avoid loosing all my moments?

In previous versions for Android the function was not available to back-up moments stored within the app, however these are still saved within the app on your phone (so we advise not to remove the app, before you have registered as there is a chance data could be lost that way). On updating to the latest app version you will be asked for log in details, which previously you won’t of needed-therefore you must register with a valid email address and password. Once in the app you won’t be required to log in again, unless you are wanting to access this information from a different device for example a new phone. You may need to allow some time for your moments to come through, but all information you have entered previously will appear under your new log in details.

How do both parents access the same Baby Biography book?

If you are wanting other family members to have access to your baby’s Baby Biography, and be able to add milestones as and when they happen – you must both / all log in to the app under the same log in details. To ensure you all have the latest information on your phone, you may need to sync the app. This can be done by hitting the ‘more’ tab, and clicking ‘cloud sync’ and ‘check status’ – when all devices are up to date it will say that your device is in sync

How do I get the Baby Biography App on my iPad?

Please be aware that if you are trying to access the app through you’re iPad,it must be running on at least iOS 7
When searching within the App Store for your iPad you may see no results for Baby Biography. In order to access this you must change the drop down box from search ‘iPad Only’ to say ‘iPhone only’ and this will then appear.

Within the app I am trying to take a photo, but keep getting a black screen

When you use the app for the first time you will be asked if you allow us to access your camera, if you have not then you will not be able to take photo’s within the Baby Biography app. To change your settings to allow access to camera, go into your phones settings, privacy, camera

On my Android device I notice that when I attach a photo to a moment it rotates the image, how do I change this ?

This was an issue on some devices but has now been fixed on the latest app update

Please be aware that this will not affect the photo’s in any printed books and also will show correctly when sharing through social media

I have downloaded the app, and click on the app icon, the brand logo appears but then goes back to my phones home screen

This was an issue with iPhone 6s and 6 plus, which has now been fixed on the latest update.

What devices run on at least iOS 7?

iPhone 4,iPhone 4s,iPhone 5,iPhone 5c,iPhone 5s,iPhone 6,iPhone 6s

iPad 2,iPad with retina display,iPad Air,iPad mini,iPad mini with retina display
iPod Touch (5th generation)

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