Tips For New and expectant parents

With so many tips available for new parents from the most popular baby names, what to pack in your hospital bag, right through to dealing with day to day challenges with a new baby – we wanted to give you a few idea’s that may not feel so ‘baby related’ at the time of pregnancy, but will certainly help once your little one arrives. Here’s our top tips for new and expectant parents.


The key is to prepare as much as possible for what’s about to come, as we all know having a baby is a life changing experience. There will be lots of highs and lows along the way, but taking time to do little things you may not of thought about doing during pregnancy may help later down the line.


Try to resist temptation of cute but totally impractical baby outfits

(Okay, so this one is baby related…)

These are the ones like little tiny suites for boys, or beautiful very pretty little dresses for girls. It will be hard to resist we know that, everyone loves buying new baby clothes and especially if it’s your first baby and you actually have time to browse around the shops at your leisure before he or she comes along. You will find they grow so quickly at first, and there won’t be an opportunity to wear them (unless of course you know of something that’s already planned). Most of the time these outfits will be found still with the tags on and at least 3 months too small.

If you really can’t resist temptation, then at the very least try to plan what season it will be and what size your little one will be when wearing it. For example, there’s no point buying a pair of shorts or summer dress for age 6 months when your baby is due in June – if you’re wanting that very cute but totally not practical kind of outfit at least you could consider something for Christmas.


De-clutter your house

Okay, so not everyone is guilty of this one – but many are which is why I wanted to include them in my tips for new and expectant parents.

You may feel that things are fine as they are, there is plenty of space for when baby comes along, plenty of storage for clothes and toys. As time goes on you will realise, that as parents you can never have enough storage options. Soon your house will be overrun with baby equipment – bottle sterilisers, cots / cribs, changers, bouncers, walkers, jumperoo, toys in general.  Not to mention then loads of tiny containers for baby foods, a selection of baby cups / bottles, plates, bowls. Clothes that don’t quite fit anymore but are kept just incase as a ‘back-up’ . Very soon your house will be filled with things for one very small little person, and space will start to be an issue (no matter how big the house).

It’s important to look at every room in the house, and access if you really need or use everything in there – if not, get rid now! As time progresses with baby you won’t have time or available hands to be tidying a house, and as toys accumulate and children get older they won’t let you throw away ANY toys away (even if they don’t play with them). It’s a good chance to tidy out and maybe even get a bit of extra cash before the new arrival comes along. Always a great top tip for new and expectant parents!


Save and back-up any photo’s you have on your phone or camera

An obvious one you might think, but can’t stress enough just how many photo’s you will take when baby comes along. The last thing you want to find is your about to capture that all important very first and favourite milestone – baby’s first smile, and you get a pop up on screen saying ‘storage full’….It’s not good but it happens, and then you frantically go through photo’s deleting some you probably didn’t want to, just to gain some extra space quickly – only to find you’ve now missed the moment!

Always good to print any extra special photo’s too, as once baby comes along other things will always take priority and this will never get done. Months will pass, then years and then you realise it’s going to be a huge job and it’s put off to a later date.


Get up to date with jobs around the house

Whether it be house repairs, house work, washing, paperwork like insurances up to date, cars service / mot – having time to do these things when baby is around is hard. Generally your spare time and money will now be spent on other things, usually baby related.


Be prepared for the amount of washing you will have

There is loads…………….

Make sure you have a good sized wash basket, or maybe even more than one – always a help to be able to separate colours and whites as and when their put in the basket. Have plenty of racks and resources for drying clothes in winter, as this can be tricky. Infact, even hanging out washing with a new baby can be tricky – if they won’t let you put them down for a few minutes. Try to plan ahead, and maybe if you have visitors coming let them get some cuddles off your little love whilst you tackle other things.


Enjoy it

By far the most important………..enjoy every moment with your new baby

Make the most of the time with your new baby, as it’s true what they say – they grow so quickly. Capture every moment and be sure to order your printed Baby Biography Book at around 18 months old. This is another job that will be put off due to lack of time, and maybe looking back some of the other jobs aren’t that important but this is one that in years to come you will look back and wish you had made time for!

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