Before my little bundle of joy arrived I was so excited. Everything was organised and ready for him to arrive into the world. From the moment he was born, I knew that this was the start of something wonderful. I was ready for the whole experience of this life changing event and I would document and record every new thing he could do,when and where and take as many photos as possible. I was ready with all my baby books and the best will in the world to make a conscious effort to complete every last detail.

Only once he was here did I wonder Oh how naïve was I…!! Where did all my time go and how could I possibly remember everything I needed to note down to complete these books? I resorted to scraps of paper and post it notes put in a box, that eventually would be put into the books. In September 2012 the idea of something to help new parents like myself was born when I realised just how busy my life had become. As well as looking after this little person who would depend on me I needed to make sure I had every special moment not only as a memory, but there to look back at with him in years to come. When my little boy turned 1 year old, surprise surprise I still had empty baby record books; a box full of notes; photo’s saved all over the place and STILL no time to do it.

In May 2013 it was official, and Baby Biography was born …………………
In May 2014 it was finally time to launch at The Baby Show NEC Birmingham

launch baby show cropped

(yes, that’s me on the left with baby number two on the way)


Surely, I’m not the only new parent out there that wants to record their child’s first years in life and I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t have time to do it. At Baby Biography we try to make those first few years a little easier, so that the time you do have can be spent enjoying your new family.

Best Wishes

(also known as Joshua and Abigail’s Mum)

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