Are you celebrating your little one’s first birthday today, or are you due to have a baby today?

It may be no surprise to hear that according to The Office for National Statistics, in 2015 the most popular date for a baby to be born was 26th September (yes, that’s right 9 months from Christmas)….

With around 1,800 births a day in England and Wales on most days, 26th September came close to an amazing 2,000 births. Figures showing a massive drop in births actually over the Christmas period as low as an average 1,400 births on 25th and 26th December.

Whilst we are forever hearing the top baby names, it is clear that Amelia and Oliver were ranked top last year – with 5,158 baby girls being called Amelia and 6,941 baby boys being called Oliver.
Here’s what the top 10 girls and boys names looked like last year in England and Wales (as per The Office for National Statistics)
Girls Top 10                                                   Boys Top 10
Amelia                                                            Oliver
Olivia                                                              Jack
Emily                                                              Harry
Isla                                                                  George
Ava                                                                  Jacob
Ella                                                                 Charlie
Jessica                                                            Noah
Isabella                                                          William
Mia                                                                 Thomas
Poppy                                                             Oscar
For anyone celebrating their birthday on 26th September, we wish you a very Happy Birthday.

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