So much happens in a child’s first year of life, all those moments, memories and who can forget the sleepless nights?! So many things happen, but sleep is one of the things that seems to define us as a ‘new parent’. Questions like, do they sleep through – can be very frustrating unless your one of the lucky ones (and yes, we all know one of them)…!

Lets see if anyone can relate?

Having spent what seems like a lifetime trying to get your little darling off to sleep – yes we all hear not to rock your baby to sleep, but in reality we know too well that it’s easier said than done. Especially when you’re so tired, and just want an easy life there and then and can’t be bothered with the consequences that may come later on for doing so. When you’ve finally succeeded in this task, be aware there are at least another two crucial points to this process. The next, and by far probably the hardest is to actually put them down without waking….You find yourself standing over them while their laid, still with your arms underneath them wondering how on earth am I going to get out.? You gradually move a little, then a little more – suddenly their eyes pop open and step one is required all over again.

Why is it also, that this process somehow always seems to take longer when you need to be doing something else? Things run through your head of what jobs need doing in the house still, knowing fine well once your little love has finally gone to sleep all you can muster the energy up for is to make a cup of tea – or if that even seems too much effort (and you’re not breastfeeding of course) then a glass of wine, yes wine!

Anyway, back to the process…

Step one – get them to sleep, now complete.

Step two – put them down, still asleep – Success.

Now for step three-to actually get out of the room without them waking. We’ve all been there right? You got it, the dreaded squeaky floorboard!! No matter how hard you try and plan your route carefully towards the door – it is almost guaranteed you will stand on the one board (which bizarrely enough sounds twice as loud than normal). Or, if you are lucky enough not to have any squeaky floorboards, then that toy you thought was put away will magically appear just where your about to put your foot (if it’s not a noisy one, then it will be one of the painful ones to stand on like a duplo brick or something). If you manage to get out without a noise, then Well Done you have successfully got through the process!

Now best get to bed too, as you will be up in a few hours to start it all over again!


Night, night x

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