What a journey we’ve had so far. It’s been emotional and challenging, but ultimately rewarding since we ‘officially’ registered the company name back in 2013. Since then, there has been huge amounts of work put into planning, preparation, market research and finding the right artist and app developer for the job. We had to map out every detail and function required within the app and go through the process of testing, testing and even more testing. There was so much to get done before the Baby Biography launch in May 2014, and we did it all with our toddler gradually growing and a second baby on the way.

Tonnes of effort went into our launch at NEC’s The Baby Show, including counting 558 milk bottle sweets for a competition, checking through hundreds of entries and putting in even more work on the app and its updates and testing.

In July 2014, we welcomed our baby girl into the world, but still kept up the business as best we could with a new baby. We went on to win the My Family Favourite Award for Best Baby Book 2015, and continued to develop the app to include many features that other baby milestone apps don’t have. We’ve had great fun being involved with the Mothercare Expectant Parents events and other local baby shows, as well as now being able to offer gift vouchers as a special and unique gift for new parents and babies.

With all this going on at such a busy time of our lives, thank goodness we had an app where we could record our baby’s first milestones!

Today celebrates our second year in business, since our launch at NEC’s The Baby Show on 16th May 2014. To make it an even more special occasion, we have now got our very own Baby Biography memory book. We used the Baby Biography app every step of the way to record all the treasured moments in our daughter’s first 18 months of life. Seeing our own Baby Biography Book created from our wonderful app has been very rewarding – it really is the perfect way to gather and store those precious, priceless memories.

We hope you have enjoyed our journey so far, and we would like to thank everyone for being a part of it and for all the continued support in making it possible. Here’s hoping we continue to grow for many years to come!



(Credit: photo's by TLM Photography)

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